4 Common cleaning mistakes and why to avoid them

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4 most common mistakes we do while cleaning around the house – part 1

In this article, our team of professional cleaners will share their experience and explain the most common mistakes they see when they are hired to do a job. All too often they say floor is scratched, upholstery discoloured and windows look hazy. Read on and find out how to avoid these bad scenarios next time you are cleaning your house.

  • A thing that many homeowners typically do thinking that this practice will actually work is to scrub stains on upholstery and carpets. In reality, this only sets the stain deeper and whatever its origin is, it pushes the substance and dirt deeply into the fibres. Spills and stains may be very stubborn to remove after you have scrubbed them in desperate attempt to eliminate the spot – this is why professional domestic cleaners recommend blotting it gently, rinsing and repeating this until the stain is no longer visible. You can use some mild liquid detergent if clear water doesn’t remove the spill completely.
  • Another common misconception is using stain removal for clothes on your carpet and upholstery. People think that there is no big deal in using this practice but the issue is that these type of products are designed to act actively and promptly and to be washed out right away. Very often homeowners can’t remove the residue of the stain removal completely and as a result the fibres of the fabric are deteriorated and discoloured. This not only ruins the looks of your furnishings but it shortens their life.
  • What happens when you mix two strong detergents? Usually a chemical reaction and not a stronger cleaning product. This also happens when you mix ammonia and bleach – this won’t give you better results. When mixed, these two form highly toxic gases that can even have lethal consequences. Read the labels carefully before using any commercially bought cleaning product and avoid dangerous accidents. This is why our cleaners highly recommend the use of green products.
  • You probably have heard that white vinegar is incredible helper in house cleaning because of its antibacterial properties. It is an active ingredient in many green cleaning solutions used for cleaning bathrooms and floors. However, when it is used on granite or marble, the outcome is far from great as it is acidic and reacts with these stones and literally eats through them. Be careful on what surface you use this powerful cleaner!

If you are not quite sure how to act when there is a cleaning issue around the house, don’t miss to contact your local cleaning company to help you out! Don’t risk ruining your furniture because of a simple mistake – dealing with domestic chores ain’t easy!

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