5 Commonly Overlooked Places When You Clean Your Home

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5 Commonly Overlooked Home Cleaning Places

No matter how diligent you are as a homeowner and how much you pride your cleaning skills, there are some places that many people often overlook or simply forget to look after. We are pretty sure you won`t miss doing your dirty dishes or laundry yet some spots like under the toaster or behind the flowerpots are usually neglected. Check out other typically places you may be missing when you perform your weekly cleaning routine.

  • Window tracks – you probably clean the window glass but how often do you wipe clean the tracks? You do notice when there are smudges and smeared fingerprints but next time you clean your windows pay attention to the dust and dirt trapped in the track. Otherwise, they will spread in your home and eventually decrease the indoor air quality. Our professional domestic cleaners recommend using a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust prior to wiping the glass.
  • Light switches and doorknobs – this is one of them germiest areas in your home. Just think about the fact that you touch them every day a couple of times. Even if they look relatively clean, they are probably dirtier than an average toilet seat! In order to keep it simple and clean these spots easily, we recommend you to wipe them occasionally with sanitising wet wipes or a cloth dipped in a rubber alcohol for better disinfection.
  • Shower curtains – we don`t doubt that you diligently wipe clean your bathroom tiles, sink, shower but surveys show that rarely do homeowners disinfect their shower curtains. Because of the humid environment, the conditions provided are perfect for the accumulation of germs and bacteria. Check whether your curtains can be machine washed (most of them are) and if not soak them into a solution of mild dishwashing detergent water and a cup of white vinegar. The good thing about synthetic curtains is that they dry very fast – better leave them to air dry in sunlight. This will eliminate any lingering microbes which might have survived the cleaning process.
  • Bed pillows – every now and then, you should wash not only the cases but also the pillows themselve. Speaking of that mattress cleaning is also recommended every year. Both of these furnishings collect a tremendous amount of dead skin cells and dust which may ruin your good night’s sleep. Our house cleaners encourage you to machine wash your pillows at least once every three months.
  • Hairbrush and comb – these two provide the perfect environment for various type of germs. They collect sebum, dust, conditioner, hair and other residues and at some point they may lead to allergy triggers and rashes! Don`t forget to clean your hair accessories once a week using lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Pay attention to the filth collected in between the bristles and remove it. Rinse with clear water afterwards and air dry – again we recommend this to be done in the sun to kill any bacteria.
    Now you can add these 5 commonly neglected places to your cleaning checklist. Don`t forget that if you need a reliable help to assist you during your domestic cleaning procedures you can always choose our company!

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