How clean is your house – 7 facts you probably haven`t heard of

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April 27, 2017
7 facts about clean house

Cleaning your home is a mundane task which is definitely far from exciting. However, today we will give you some fun facts to brighten up your day. To get things started let us ask you something – Do you know which is the cleanest country? You will find the answer in the end of our article!

  • In some countries including New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland, there is a ritual house cleaning similar to our “Spring Cleaning” on the day before the New Year – so you can begin the year with a fresh start!
  • We all hate dust but you probably didn`t know that about 80% of it in any home are made up of dead skin cells! Only 20% of dust is made up of outdoor particles such as soil.
  • An average man spends about 6 449 hours of cleaning in their lifetime compared to the average woman and the shocking 12 898 hours! This is why men always have more time than women – thank God there are professional house cleaning services so women can also have time on their hands!
  • Some facts about office hygiene – office phones have over 20 000 germs per square inch. If you frequently disinfect your desk you can reduce the number of sick days with over 30%. We don`t mean to shock you but most offices contain about 400 times more microbes and bacteria than a regular toilet seat.
  • Almost 50% of couples argue about cleaning chores. Probably the number of divorces will dramatically drop off if more people start relying on professional domestic cleaning companies, don`t you think?
  • Most antibacterial cleaners do not act instantly and must be left for about a minute before wiping them away – don`t forget that the next time you clean your bathroom and kitchen surfaces! Otherwise, you will just waste time, efforts and detergents.
  • One square metre of carpet can contain about 1 kg of dirt – this is about 5 cups of dirt you are walking on each step you take if you are not on good terms with your vacuum cleaner.

To finish with, we will share with you that every hour you spend cleaning you burn over 100 calories. Even if you are not that excited about this workout you can still make a good use of it! Oh, and the answer is Iceland – it is the cleanest country in the world!
Weren`t those fun? Don`t miss our next article to find some more useful tips, trick or fun facts about house cleaning!

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