How to clean up 5 common types of stains from your sofa?

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Let`s confess it – we all love the comfort of our sofas when we are home. We love it so much that we usually do activities that are not meant to be done there – snacking, doing your homework or cuddling with your pet. In this article, you will find some tips that our upholstery cleaners shared so you can act right away when an accident happens using common household ingredients. Check them out!

  • Coffee – who`s guilty of drinking their morning coffee while switching the TV channels on the sofa? As far as we know – everyone. You should act fast and blot as much as you possible. Using a mild liquid soap applied on spot, start scrubbing gently with a damp cloth without pressing too hard. In a while, the coffee spot should be gone. Rinse with clear water afterwards and dab with a clean cloth. Lesson learned.
  • Ink – so you were doing your homework or filling up a crossword curled in your armchair? Grab the rubbing alcohol and treat the stain as fast as you can – if the stain is still wet it can disappear without a trace of ink! Dip a clean cloth in some rubbing alcohol and blot the area. Our upholstery cleaners recommend you working from outside to the centre of the stain to prevent spreading it further. Repeat until the spot is no noticeable any more. You don`t have to rinse as the rubbing alcohol will eventually evaporate in a couple of minutes.
  • Did you know that ‘crunchy’ is the marketing term for ‘crumbs all over your sofa’? A very common upholstery stain is the chocolate one. One minute you are enjoying your favourite candy bar and the next you are rushing to handle the mess you have just made. Scrape the chocolate excess and make a solution of 1 cup lukewarm water and a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Gently dab the stain and try not to rub it as you will only push the mess deeper into the fabric. Rinse with cold water and a clean cloth and leave the sofa to air-dry.
  • Grease – everyone`s guilty of eating crackers, popcorn and chips on the sofa while watching a movie. First of all, right after the accident put a paper towel to absorb as much of the grease as possible. Apply just a little bit of cold water on the spot and sprinkle salt generously onto it – this will attract the grease. Let it sit for a few minutes and vacuum the salt. After that you can use some lukewarm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to treat the stain (if any is still visible).
  • What pairs the best with your greasy fries? That`s right – ketchup. It is also one of the biggest enemies to fabrics as it leaves stubborn stains. But who doesn`t love fries and ketchup? Maybe eating on the sofa is worth the upholstery ‘sacrifice’. Or maybe you should stop this habit and use this method to clean the mess. Remove the excess of the tomato sauce using a dull knife and blot the spot with a damp cloth. Use a solution of 1 cup cold water and dissolve 1 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in it. Use a clean cloth to blot the stain until it disappears. Rinse using cold water and some paper towels. If you still notice any colouration after the process, mix ½ cup cold water with 1 teaspoon ammonia and rinse again. Let the fabric air dry.

Now that you know how to handle the most common upholstery stains you can drink coffee on the sofa without worrying about the following mess. Or just put the phone number of your professional sofa cleaning company on speed dial!

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