Involve Your Kids In House Cleaning the Right Way

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Involve Your Kids In House Cleaning

In today`s article, we will share with you some tips on involving young children in the house cleaning chores. If you choose the right approach to teach them help you with maintaining and cleaning your home neat and tidy, they will adopt these habits earlier and once they are teenagers they will be much more independent and ready to start living on their own. Read on and check our advice on teaching your kids help with basic chores around the house. You will also find a list of chores with the tasks that are suitable for different ages.

  • Rule #1 is to give your little helpers detailed instructions on dealing with the different chores. Don`t expect them to get the things done with a simple “Clean your room” – you should make sure to provide them with step-by-step directions. Otherwise, you leave too many questions unanswered – should they vacuum, should they dust or should they collect their toys. Even if it is too obvious for you, better explain it – kids understand simple and forward directions. Take your time to clearly state what they should do – for example, pick up your toys from the floor and put them on their place/ in the toy box. In this way, they will feel more confident about being involved in the house cleaning.
  • A very important aspect when teaching young children to do simple chores is to motivate and reward them. If you turn the whole task into a game they will find it much more enjoyable and if you try to make it competitive, for instance, “Let`s see how many toys you can pick from the floor for one minute and you will choose what dessert you want me to make for dinner”. When it`s time for major cleaning procedures, for example, Spring cleaning, you can even make a chart with the accomplished tasks and give them stars that have a certain reward. If your little one gets 3 stars, he/ she can watch their favourite cartoon for 2 hours or something that will really motivate them to get involved in the house cleaning.
  • Of course, you should set clear consequences if they refuse to help you. At some point every kid should be taught to do simple cleaning tasks – the earlier, the better. It`s not necessary to make this look like a punishment but the consequence should be strict enough to motivate them accomplish whatever the task is. For example, put all your pencils and crayons in the drawer in 5 minutes or you will not get a lollipop after lunch. It is really important not to let them negotiate as this will make your kid think he/ she can get away even when the chore is not done
  • Last but not least, don`t expect a job done perfect especially when you involve young children. The whole point is to get your kids to help you and to teach them create essential habits. Give your kid detailed instructions on doing and supervise him/ her while doing it so you can encourage them and help them if you see they struggle with a task. However, don`t be too demanding – if they have left some crayons out of the drawer but still they have finished tidying their desk on time, give them a little reward.

To finish, check out our suggestions for the appropriate chores according to different ages.

young kids cleaning room


  • Putting clothes in the laundry basket
  • Collecting books and toys
  • Putting stuffed animals on their bed in the morning


  • Placing some items (unbreakable) in the sink after dinner
  • Wiping spilled liquids and food from the kitchen countertop
  • Carrying light grocery bags
  • Folding clothes (jeans, tops)


  • Making the beds
  • Making simple meals like sandwiches
  • Feeding the pet
  • Sweeping floors
  • Folding all their garments

Now that you know all these little tips on involving your young children in domestic cleaning, you and your little ones will be enjoying much more doing the chores around the house together!

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