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Looking For a Regular Fortnightly Cleaning Service In Sutton?

The lack of time is among the most frequently cited reasons for neglecting the house cleaning chores. If fitting a thorough home cleaning into your tight schedule is a huge challenge, don’t hesitate to contact us. Big Ben Cleaners offers dependable regular fortnightly cleaning services in Sutton and all London areas that would meet the cleaning needs of the average household. As we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality services, we always make sure we offer competitive prices and employ assistants with plenty of experience in the industry.

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Why You Should Book Regular Fortnightly Cleaning With Big Ben Cleaners

As the name of the service implies, professional cleaning maids will visit your property every other week and handle the most common cleaning tasks. The good news is that the regular fortnightly cleaning service we deliver in Sutton and other London areas is completely customisable. You can alter the list of procedures we have included in our cleaning package and tailor them to meet the individual needs of your household. Here is the main package of services Big Ben Cleaners delivers upon booking a regular fortnightly cleaning service:

Regular fortnightly cleaning service in London areas

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Bathroom sanitising
  • Kitchen appliances cleaning
  • General tidying up
  • Other cleaning tasks assigned by the client

What You Need to Know Before You Book With Us

You are in full control in determining the frequency of the cleaning visits. If you consider the fortnightly service insufficient, you can always switch to weekly cleaning procedures. Big Ben Cleaners professional maids will come to your property prepared to get you rid of the never-ending cleaning chores. We appreciate our customers’ so before your assistants leave the premises, they will make sure you are pleased with their performance.

When you schedule a regular fortnightly cleaning service with us, don’t forget to inform our customer care agents whether you want us to deliver the service with our cleaning supplies or you will provide your own. Other than that, you also have to provide basic personal information, pick up a convenient time slot and enjoy the ideal cleanliness after our interference.

Dial 020 3670 9740 and request regular fortnightly service with us!