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Bring Back to Life Your Old Sofa – Book a Cleaning Service with Us

If you have overlooked the maintenance of your sofa, through the years it probably has lost its good looks and soft touch. Buying furniture is an investment you should not neglect – you can shorten the life of your upholstered pieces of furniture if you don`t pamper them. Fortunately, you are at the right place - Big Ben Cleaners can take care of your sofa and clean it efficiently at an affordable price rate much cheaper than buying a new piece of furniture. Many homeowners are confident that they can clean sofas themselves but in reality, they can seriously damage the surface and ruin the fabric. Do you really want to risk doing that?

If you want to make a smart choice, dial 020 3670 9740 now and invite our professional sofa cleaners to help you! We serve in Sutton and the surrounding areas!

Sofa Cleaning – Why Your Favourite Spot Should Be Professionally Cleaned?

We should all confess that most of us spend a great amount of time on the sofa doing activities which are not meant to be done there – eating your afternoon snack, painting your nails or simply cuddling with your pup. All of these tasks decrease the lifespan of your furniture and result in deeply embedded dirt and dust into the fibres of the fabric. What`s the solution to that? Big Ben Cleaners provides high-quality sofa cleaning in Sutton area that comes with a list of advantages:

Greater London based Sofa cleaning services
  • Fast & Efficient Results
  • Experienced Staff
  • Eco-friendly Detergents
  • Modern Equipment
  • Fast Drying Times
  • Revived Looks
  • Microbes Removal
  • Odour Removal
  • Fresh Scent
  • Renewed Colours

How Big Ben Cleaners Will Bring Back the Flawless Look of Your Sofa?

Our team can clean your sofa using two different methods - Steam or Dry cleaning - depending on the nature of the fabric. Check out some more information below:

  • Steam cleaning – this option is also known as a hot-water-extraction method and is the best way to remove embedded dirt and dust mites that can cause some health hazards. Hot water and strong detergent are injected together and vacuumed back, extracting the grimes that are loosened in the process. This method is very efficient when fighting stubborn stains and lingering odours – after the process your clean sofa will look and smell fantastic!
  • Dry cleaning – this alternative is perfect for water-sensitive materials. If your sofa is made of wool, velvet, cotton, suede, jute, etc. this method will revive its condition without any risks of damaging the fibres. Our Sutton sofa cleaners rub a special detergent into the fabric and a harmless chemical reaction is provoked. The biodegradable powder attracts dirt and grimes and after the final comprehensive vacuuming your sofa is clean, fresh and restored!

Don`t forget to ask our operators about Scotchgard Protector – this invisible layer can greatly prolong the effect of professional sofa cleaning!

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