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How to Clean with Salt Around the House

There are many household items that can be used for more than one purpose. Salt is a great example with its numerous applications around the house. However, today we will focus on its cleaning characteristics. It is a great odour-absorbing cleaning agent and there is no surprise it is included in many homemade recipes. Find out more about the ways you can incorporate salt in your domestic...
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7 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Household Items - part 2

You've already learned some tips and tricks in the first article. There are many household items that can be used in more than one way around the house. In part 2, you will find 7 more items you have at home and can repurpose to make your life easier and more convenient. Read on. Did you know that instead of buying chemical repellents you can use salt to protect your home from ants? We...
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