7 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Household Items - part 2
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7 Smart Ways to Re-purpose Your Household Items

How to Repurpose Your Household Items

You've already learned some tips and tricks in the first article. There are many household items that can be used in more than one way around the house. In part 2, you will find 7 more items you have at home and can repurpose to make your life easier and more convenient. Read on.

  • Did you know that instead of buying chemical repellents you can use salt to protect your home from ants? We will offer you two alternatives – no matter which one you choose, the great results are guaranteed. Option #1 – sprinkle some salt around the problematic areas, for example, if there is a specific place the ants tend to enter your home. Option #2 – mix ¼ cup of salt and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Use it around window sills, entrances and other crevices in which ants may be hiding.
  • Your carpet needs cleaning? Make stains disappear by making a simple mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda or salt and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Apply on the spot and let it dry. This is also very efficient when you need to do the house cleaning – use it on tiles.
  • Next time you are done eating a banana, don`t toss the peel. You can polish your leather sofa and shoes with the inside part of it. Just test it on an out of sight area first. Of course, this won`t count as upholstery cleaning so don`t forget to call the sofa cleaners once in awhile to keep its good looks for the years to come.
  • Are you struggling to pit and core fruit? Use a plastic drinking straw! It`s easy and you will save money on buying gadgets that just take up kitchen space. To core strawberries or pit cherries, push the straw from the top of the fruit to the bottom. The core/ pit will come out from the other side -  easy like that!
  • You can win the battle with snow and ice build-up on your shovel if you use cooking spray on it first. Before you begin with the tiresome task, spray on the whole surface – the snow will slide off and make the shoveling experience easier and quicker.
  • One of the best ways to clean your bathtub is to use grapefruit and coarse salt. This amazing duo is very powerful against grimes and will make your domestic cleaning a piece of cake! Yet, don`t neglect the need of professional help occasionally – our house cleaning team is at your disposal if you can`t handle the cleanup project on your own!
  • You can easily upgrade your inexpensive jewelry and save it from tarnishing if you apply clear nail polish on it. This will eliminate the chances of getting greenish marks on your skin and you won`t worry about the fact they may look cheap or something. Cover your necklaces and earrings with clear nail polish and enjoy the added shine!

What do you think? Aren`t those tricks great? Don`t miss to check our blog weekly for more interesting tips!